P&M said “I do” under the Spanish sun, in the Andalusian countryside. A breathtaking location surrounded by hills covered of olive trees.

Just picture an old local structure, standing alone in the fields, revealing itself like a mirage. A bridal couple meeting secretly in the shade of an olive tree. A lay ceremony marked with the original sharing of an “éclair au chocolat” and a whisky shot in a cool vaulted hall. A joyful cocktail hour hosted in the patio where local delicacies were served, followed by an outdoors moonlit dinner … Are you there with me?

This is the summary of P&M’s magical day, which could have been a dream, but which was nothing but real. Fans were the must-have accessory on this  intimist wedding in Spain which sangria and “tinto de verano” (a mix of red wine, lemon juice and soda- YUM) kept all guests refreshed despite the 40°C displayed on the thermometer!

If you liked this Andalusian wedding, take a peek at A&K’s tropical wedding on the hills of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:



J’avais déjà rencontrée cette magnifique tribu pour une séance en famille très rock’n’roll quelques mois avant le grand jour. L’ambiance était donnée: de l’énergie, du rock et plein d’amour. Leur belle journée c’était fin Aout et on se serait plus cru à un festival de rock entre amis qu’à un mariage.

Un mariage tout en extérieur, un dress code très coloré, une cérémonie improvisée avec des shot de tequila pour terminer en beauté avant le concert de rock du groupe du marié qui a fait swinguer tous les invités jusqu’au bout de la nuit.  Pas de diner assis mais des grandes tablés réunies autour du wine truck et du camion à pizza. Une journée de mariage atypique en petit comité à l’image d’un couple très cool et rock’n’roll!!!

Maracas, tequila et rock’n’roll forever!!!

Si vous avez aimés l’ambiance de ce mariage qui sort de l’ordinaire, allez vite découvrir la belle journée de K&J qui se sont mariés à Rio de Janeiro:



Infinitely lush tropical greenery surrounding and a head over heels couple, J&K tie the knot in a magnificent villa amidst Rio de Janeiro’s hilly tops.

An unconventional get together Brazilian style with a beautiful and moving ceremony followed by a blend of caipirinha cocktails and melodic bossa nova tunes set the rhythm for the dance floor. Throw away the sit down dinner and all the formalities that go with it, instead find a buffet with an assortment of traditional foods to delight the guests curiosities. With the grand swimming pool right beside the dance floor it comes to no surprise many hopped in, including the newlyweds!

The incredible view of the city, a bossa nova saxophonist, professional samba dancers and all the Carnival masks around, none could forget that a wedding in Rio is not just like any other! As a souvenir a pair of Havaianas for each guest, personalized with the couples initials. Heels and dress shoes off, flip flops were all the rage by the end of the night.

As they say in Rio: todo bom, e legal!!


A&J When a stunning red head and a man as tall dark and handsome as the saying goes get married it’s definitely worth the detour!!

A&J said yes in the heart of the Beaujolais on a magnificent domain lost in an eternal sea of vineyards. A harmonious day spent close to nature, with hints of elegant beiges and powdered pinks all around. Perched on the hills a countryside chapel appears, the sounds of which resonated miles away. In the back of an old convertible Range Rover they headed to their castle. There a magician charmed all while animated crowds chattered joyfully and drank cocktails.

The setting rooted in a more ancient rustic past along with vintage bits and pieces scattered around alluringly conveyed the impression of going back in time. This bohemian chic spirited wedding terrifically erupted on the dance floor while the two lovers swung to rock n’ roll all night.

If you like this wedding, have a look to C&L’s original wedding day who took place in an old farmland in the north of France: